Thursday, October 7, 2010

And now, a poem

Anthropomorphic allegories, artificial allusions, and other alliterative atrocities in alphabetical order

A: An arrogant acrobat administers an antidote inaccurately,
B: But a black-listed banshee babysits for a bargain.
C: A cultivated cannibal customarily uses cutlery,
D: While Desmond the dragon drinks Darjeeling with gin.

E : Elephants infamously enjoy Edwardian era entertainment
F: Forcing finicky fairies to follow feathery fashion.
G: A good-natured gorgon goes for a commitment,
H: Hence, harlequin hippos hands down have more fun.

I: Though curious, the incubus is inflicted with impotency
J: Just like the jolly Jabberwocky joins juice with jam.
K: Keeping the Kawa-zaru from katharsis is iffy-
L: Like letting a leprechaun loose in Japan.

M: Meanwhile, Merlin multiplies his magical mangoes
N: A maneuver envied by nine nautical nymphs,
O: Openly overseen by old ogre who knows
P: Pickled pygmies will probably persevere in a pinch.

Q: Quarrelsome quintuplets can be quarantined with confetti
R: Recognized by rebellious rabbits rallying for release.
S: Although a skinny satyr sorrowfully sniffs spaghetti,
T: The tyrannical troll continues to feast.

U: A unicorns' union remains unrecognized
V: And vaudevillians trade virtue for vulgar vengeance
W: While waring wolves in wigs wickedly westernize,
X: An extremest fox exaggerates inextricable defense.

Y: You all, yourselves, yawning youths,
Z: Snoozing zombies, passive progressives on the fence!
Does any of this made-up malarkey
Begin to blossom into bit of sense?

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